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Injury is Opportunity

Injury is Opportunity

Frustration, disappointment, anger. All the emotions that spring to mind when you are struck by injury. Initially these emotions are warranted but beyond the initial response these emotions are pointless to hold on to and if anything debilitating to your progress.

The quicker you can let go of the anger and frustration the better. If you hold onto them your judgement and reason is likely to be clouded and you will probably miss the decisive lesson that is staring you in the face, the opportunity available to you to progress or the ability to make good of a bad situation.

Once you can clear your mind from these murky emotions you can gain clarity on your current situation. As the title says ‘Injury is Opportunity’. It is all a matter of perception, and funnily enough you can choose how wish to perceive things and events (although some people think you can’t).

How can a debilitating injury possibly seen as an opportunity? There is such a range of possible injuries that can occur to any of us at anytime so the responses will all be different to each individual and injury but more often than not we can find an opportunity for progress in them.

Let us first start with the unfortunate event of a broken bone, let’s say a broken leg that you can utilise for the next 6-10 weeks. A fantastic opportunity to make fantastic gains in your upper body development. For the next 6-10 weeks you have the opportunity to increase the volume of work done on the developing your upper body, turning a bad situation into one full of potential. A perfect opportunity to practice patience and persistence.

Running injury? An opportunity to work on other areas but more importantly analyse your technique, the majority of running injuries stem from biomechanical or technical issues. The injury you sustain is literally a warning sign that something isn’t right and something needs to change, it could be your running technique, the kit you use, your training plan or your psychology (knowing what your limit and potential is).

Injury in the gym? Again it is a warning sign that something isn’t right. Back hurting during a deadlift leaving you stiff for the next 6 days? Guess what it’s not the deadlift it is you and how you are performing it!

General aches and pains or sudden injuries? I am going to answer your question with more questions for you to think about.

Could you be moving poorly? Could you have a muscular imbalances? Could you have a poor posture from sitting all day? Could you have very tight areas from again poor posture and imbalances? Do you train? Do you strength train? Do you do mobility work? Are you overweight?

Depending on how you answer those questions I think you can figure out what your injury is trying to tell you. Something needs to change, you need to learn the lesson that is right in front of you.

So switch how you perceive an injury. See it as an opportunity to focus on another area of your body and mind. See it as a warning sign that something may be wrong physically or technically and learn what changes need to be made. See it as an opportunity to take ownership of mistakes.

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