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Injury is the theme of this week. Last week I let you know about an injury I sustained on 29/12/2018. The dysfunctioning nerve was still playing up but the pain wasn’t really there.

So we stepped it up a notch and went for double the distance (7 miles) in the amazing wet and foggy ascents of Cheddar Gorge. To look over the edge of a cliff and not be able to see the road below through dense fog and cloud is an unsettling yet awesome sight. There was a little discomfort in the ankle but nothing too noticable. A very enjoyable run.

2 days later out on a night road run for 6 miles wearing the barefoot shoes, I still want to use the shoes for developing a solid technique to apply to whatever footwear I use but as always it’s a test for the calves.

The next 2 days sore calves (to be expected) but now my ankle is hurting. I have figured out that until now I had not felt any pain or considerable discomfort because the dysfunctioning nerve wasn’t telling me there was pain occurring. Now that the nerves are back firing up the underlying pain has risen to the front. So no new injury, just the same one that I couldn’t actually feel before.

Better rest and let it recover.

To add injury to injury I have a new injury… Nothing to worry about just a slight niggle in the anterior serratus muscle (armpit to ribs area) causing tweaks of discomfort with any heavy breath, pushing movement or pressure, causing many sharp grunts and sudden jolts much to Keily’s amusement. It feels like being punched in the ribs and the bruising left causing the problem. I haven’t been punched but that’s what I imagine it would feel like.

ENOUGH MOANING about injury. Using principles from Stoic philosophy let’s look at this objectively and learn a lesson from it to help growth and improvement.

Injuries occurring from contact sport (ankle + nerve) I can avoid by not participating in contact sports. Sorted, I now don’t play football.

Injury in the gym is always a potential risk but more a slight technical error. Can be better controlled.

You can’t rush back from an injury. If I don’t allow any issues to fully recover it is likely they will come back to bite me in the ass.

Luckily this is all at the very beginning. It will not have hugely impacted the training programme or my progress. If this had happened in 6 months time then there is a bigger chance that this could have had hugely adverse effects. As it has occured at the beginning it can be dealt with much easier. Because it has occured at the start of the training programme it allows me to get fully injury free before getting into the thick of things.

Thoughts and Considerations:

  • Set some strong foundations to build upon

  • Continue with strength training

  • Rehab and prehab injuries

  • Identify potential running technique issues

  • Train to increase work capacity and volume

  • Don’t worry to much about speed

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