Run Te Araroa 

What would be a mad adventure?

Run 3000km in 52 days! 


Where’s a crazy place to do it?

The rainforests and volcanoes of New Zealand of course!


Why on earth would anyone attempt that?

To raise money and awareness for the brilliant

Somewhere House Somerset. 

Who is daft enough to try?

Cheddar local Lewis Matthews. 

How can you help? 

Sponsor your very own t-shirt, the van or a cap (and get the shirt back framed and washed)! 

Here’s where you can do that:

Find the options at the top of the page.


Want to know more? 

Continue reading below. 


Run Te Araroa is a charity adventure aiming to inspire others to realise and achieve their potential and to raise money and awareness for Somewhere House Somerset, a fantastic local charity that provide a therapeutic service for anyone who chooses to access support in the local community. 

What is the Adventure? 

Starting in January 2020 Local Cheddar man Lewis Matthews will be running the Te Araroa Trail. A 3000km trail stretching the length of New Zealand through dense rainforests, over volcanic mountains and along remarkable rivers. Lewis will be attempting to complete the trial in a record time under 53 days. Lewis will be supported by a team of two who will be taking care of nutrition, helping to plan the route and driving the campervan from point to point ensuring there is a bed to sleep in whenever possible. They will undoubtedly provide mental and physical help as the adventure runs on. 

Lewis and his support team will be starting at Cape Reinga, the northernmost part of New Zealand working their way south along the tropical beaches and dense forest of the northland passing Kauri Trees that have stood for over 1000 years. This leads them to the metropolis that is Auckland. Continuing south through the centre of the North Island via the active volcanoes of the Tongariro Crossing (past Mount Doom for the LOTR fans) continuing down the mountain ranges to the capital Wellington. 

They will then cross the Cook Strait via ferry before working through the hilly wine regions and entering what will undoubtedly be the biggest test, The Southern Alps. This will be a remarkably tough section, Lewis will be working his way through the landscapes made famous by The Lord of The Rings. The most amazing scenery but an extremely tough terrain to cover. The team will go through the adventure capital of the world, Queenstown (no time to stop for a bungee), before the last push south to Bluff, the southernmost part of New Zealand or Aotearoa as originally named by the Maori’s, literally meaning ‘the land of the long white cloud’. Te Araroa is translated to ‘the bridge’. 

For more information on the trail itself check out 


Why Do This?


Somewhere House Somerset:

Somewhere House Somerset specialise in helping people with addiction; alcohol, drugs, gambling or food and also Mental Health issues.They have a team of counsellors and volunteers who have a wealth of collective knowledge in these fields. 

Their mission statement is ‘to provide a therapeutic service for anyone who chooses to access support in the local community.’ They aim to utilise their knowledge and skill to help people realise their potential and bring about changes in their lives. To help give a new perspective and offer choices to individuals. 

‘I personally believe that the subject of Mental Health has long been a taboo subject in Britain but this is changing. From my perspective it is hugely important for us as individuals to tackle such issues and not be afraid to step forward and ask for help. I am glad to see the tide shifting and people starting to accept that it is important to talk about their personal issues to those with the knowledge and skills to help.’ 

‘For a charity to offer very low cost counselling and other services to those in the local community is fantastic. The price tag that can come with one to one counselling can be unaffordable for some. Somewhere House Somerset being able to provide these services for anyone who needs them, should be a model to follow.’ 

‘By completing this run I hope to raise the awareness of the work being carried out at Somewhere House Somerset, to generate donations that will help them to continue their brilliant work. I wish to show that we all can gain new perspectives, bring about positive changes in our lives and help each of us to reach our potential.’


To inspire others to realise and attain their potential: 

This adventure will hopefully help to inspire everyone to reach their full potential, whether that be in physical fitness, creative arts, music or computer technology, wherever their aim, passion or drive takes them! There is something we all have the capacity to excel in but that isn’t enough, we need to act upon that potential to attain such ability and excellence. Turning potential into excellence is often the sticking point for most. 

‘I hope to show a mindset of self belief and confidence in my own abilities to succeed in this challenge, to show high levels of mental fortitude and ability to endure suffering. Acting on potential isn’t easy, we have to endure suffering, we have to ‘pay the man’. Lastly I wish to highlight a growth mindset. I believe this is imperative to realising and reaching potential. We have to continually seek out new information, test ourselves, fail and learn, this is all part of growing as a person, this is all part of learning. I believe in my ability to succeed in this challenge, I look forward to the suffering that is ahead and I look forward to learning as I go. I think it is important to embrace the suffering, the failures and the lessons along the way because that means you are growing and getting closer to that which you wish to attain.’ 

Sponsorship Details: 

In order to create this inspiration for those that follow and awareness to be raised for Somewhere House Somerset we need to raise funds for the adventure to go ahead. Therefore we are looking to the local community and local business’ to help raise the necessary funds for the Run Te Araroa Challenge and Somewhere House Somerset. For information on where the sponsorship funding will be utilised please do not hesitate to contact Lewis. 

We are providing sponsorship opportunities for local businesses. As well as bringing the local community together we feel it is right to bring local businesses to work together, build brilliant working relationships and support this adventure. Also we will be setting up regular fundraising events in the local community that will bring everyone together for entertainment, fun days out, food and drink or sports events and tournaments. Look out for the posters and facebook posts.

Sponsors will be recognised and advertised at the local fundraising events, on social media, the run documentary and importantly on the Run Te Araroa event itself. We want to recognise the generosity of the local business involved by designing a t-shirt for each individual business, with further options such as van sponsorship and Run Caps.


With a lot of running and many changes of t-shirt required Lewis will wear a different sponsored t-shirt each day to mark the gratitude felt towards each sponsor involved. We will get a range of photos and videos of each t-shirt in action back to you along with the t-shirt framed as a thank you for your help in the making such a great adventure happen. (Don’t worry we will wash it first). 

If there is an event, activity or evening we can do in conjunction with your business then please contact Lewis as we believe this to be a great way to raise sponsorship funds and to express your business. 

Should under any circumstance the challenge not go ahead we would refund the sponsorship money 100% to yourselves or you can choose to donate the money straight to Somewhere House Somerset. 

We look forward to hearing back from you and are full of gratitude for those who would like to take part in sponsoring this great and hopefully inspirational adventure. 

With many thanks, 

Lewis Matthews 

For alternative sponsorship request please contact Lewis -

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